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Calgary Custom Renovations Creative Ideas and Tips

Probably, you need to make few changes in your home, and that rises the need to work with professionals that give your home the overhaul it needs. It also gives homeowners the satisfaction of living in a new space. By simply adding an extra kitchen cabinet, changing the layout or moving a wall, a new sense of space is created.

We aim at customizing each room/space to suit the needs of the individual. Custom renovations can be carried out in living spaces such as:

Tips for bathroom renovations:
- Choose elegant features
- Invest in a quality tub. It should offer enough room to stretch. Also, it should offer foot and neck support.
- Select durable flooring such as ceramic, stone tiles or marbles as they are water resistant and durable.
- Design a lighting that will work for you.

The basement is one of the areas that most homeowners neglect. Most basements serve as attic storage space. There are several features that can be added to the basement during renovations. Small entertainment appliances, a mini bar or even an extra bedroom are some of the basement adjustments that can be made.

Factors to consider before renovating your basement
- Ensure you have sufficient height. Heating and water pipes tend to lower the available height.
- Ensure at the ground floor is leveled and not humid.
- Conceal pipes and joists. Adding a suspended ceiling will soundproof the basement and conceal the pipes. Installing drywall and paint is another alternative.
- Focus on the lighting that will be installed. Do not forget the fact that daylight in the basement area tends to be more limited.

Is your brick wall bowing? Bowing is when the wall swells on the outside. A bowing wall is a great opportunity for custom renovations at your home.

- The entire surface reaching to the door lintels or windows should be demolished under normal circumstances.
- That allows easy fixing of the anchors, flashing installation and replacement of angle irons.
- Reinstalling the bricks completes the work.
However, it is important to involve a qualified mason in the process. By that, it will make you avoid mistakes which will make you regret later.



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